Entice Me [Part I] | Cover

Entice Me [Part I] | Cover - 20th Aug 2019, 9:18 PM

Hi! I decided to host OIYD! on ComicFury and using it as its main site for the time being! Turns out Tumblr might not be a viable option for me; its site kept flagging the comic despite not showing any adult scenes (at least, not yet ahaha). Still I want to tell a story that explores the things we want or need in our fantasies and reality. Please enjoy!

I'm going to upload handful of pages per day till it catches up with the other updates. You can find them here: Webtoon | Tapas

Otherwise, expect a multi-page update almost everyday till next week ahaha. Thank you~

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26th Aug 2019, 12:48 PM


I'm enticed, but I don't see a was to subscribe.

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